1 year Mindful Tycoons Mastermind PAID IN FULL OPTION


1 year Mindful Tycoons Mastermind PAID IN FULL OPTION (per year)



1 year worth of monthly personalized online group rapid results coaching done on the first Wednesday of every month

This package includes the following:

  • A crystal clear personalized action plan that will be the foundation of running your business
  • Creating a money mindset for yourself so that you can easily manage your business and gain profit without sacrificing any time with your family 
  • learn how to gain clients and leads that will show up and commit to your services
  • Build a website that will guide traffic to your services directly, keeping future clients locked in and producing rapid results
  • Marketing bootcamp: learn how to attract the right types of people for your service, those who will eventually turn into your biggest success stories
  • Learn how to create copy: the email, opt-ins, and freebies that will make leads want to sign up for your services immediately
  • Developing your inner game, to help your outer gain in profits


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